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Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas with Various Wood Materials

Sunday, October 20th 2013. | Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets design ideas

When choosing kitchen cabinets design ideas, you must feel confused since there are many options to select. However, there is one thing that you should consider first when choosing a kitchen cabinet. Cabinets are made of various types of woods. The following are some of the best materials for a kitchen cabinet you can consider when purchasing a cabinet.

kitchen cabinets design ideas

The first wood is red oak. Red oak is a strong, durable and inexpensive wood. The wood can be made to make various kitchen cabinets design ideas. Cabinets made of this wood are available in various styles and finishes. The wood has good grain patterns and is usually used to make traditional cabinet. It is suitable to make custom-made, semi-custom and stock cabinets. Another wood that is usually used as kitchen cabinets is white oak. Just like red oak, this wood is durable but a little bit stronger than red oak. This wood is more tones and has a more subtle grain. White oak is generally available as a custom cabinet only.

Hard maple is another wood option for kitchen cabinets. The wood has a fine grain and light color. It is more expensive than red and white oak. However, the wood is less dense and more popular for semi-custom and custom cabinets. Maple is actually not really a good choice since it can be stained. It is often dressed with natural finish so that it looks more contemporary. Other kitchen cabinets design ideas come from hickory wood. Hickory is similar to oak wood in its strength and grain pattern, but it is lighter. The wood has pale yellow and creamy color, and it can be stained. But its blond tones make it good especially if it is complemented with a clear or natural finish. Hickory is one of the best kitchen cabinets design ideas, such as custom and semi-custom cabinets.

kitchen cabinets design ideas

kitchen cabinets design ideas

kitchen cabinets design ideas
kitchen cabinets design ideas

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